M40 in an A

Shifting the Model A...

Draft of the tool for placing the new holes in the clutch housing for mounting the M40.

... is a bit of a challange, especially if you're dragracing, which happens once in a while in my cars.

Therefore I started the project of replacing the stock Model A gearbox with one out of the Amazon's, the Volvo M40, a couple of years back.

It does require some work, but being a machinist and an engineer, I think of that as a challange.

Getting the M40 mounted to the clutch housing.

The prototype at first assembly.

Following the advice, found around the net, of the Model A trucks (named AA) and model B trucks (named BB) rear bell housing/ clutch housing being aprox. 2" shorter, than the normal A or B, I aquired one of each some years back - it was these housings, that lid my fire of the idea of getting a M40 in an A.

I have read about different ways to mount the M40 gearbox, but in my mind (and on my drawing board), the idea about mounting it like it is on a Volvo - by threaded holes in the clutch housing - seemed fine.

When the tool for placing the holes were done, I had my AA drilled and threaded to match the bolt pattern of the M40. Afterwards testing will show, if the cast iron of the housing can withstand the torque transmitted to the gearbox.

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10.01 | 17:20

Um otimo projeto

27.12 | 22:29

Hallo Again i found the oilpan for the engine i do have a extra crank any blocks around?
Kind regards!

31.01 | 00:54

Hey Dannerr, It was justy a passing thought about the HC head, I will prpbably leave it as it is , I only use it around here, I dont go on any tours. Thanks ...

30.01 | 09:05

Functionwise the B-carb on the G28T should work fine, but you'll be able to get more power out of it, if opted to other carbs. :)

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