My first motorcycle

(Foto by 714)

(Foto by 714)

(Foto by 714)

(Foto by 714)

(Foto by 714)

I drove it at winter time the first winter I got it. (Foto by a fellow PlasticButchers member.)

The winter bobber, with the new handlebar and front fender.

Lørs trying out the winter bobber.

Just gotten home, in front of the Amazon grill-to-be.

The spareparts bike in front of the other, still as when I got it.

Got tiered of getting a "bikers butt", so I installed a full rear fender on it again.

Looks good with the full fender on as well!

The new Ford Model A tail light.

Picure taken at the race at Bedrock #10

Picure taken at the race at Bedrock #10

In the fall of 2009 I started looking for my first motorcycle. The criterias was a rigid rear, a drop shaped tank and preferably a black license plate.
One day a friend of mine turned my attention to a 1954 DKW rt125/2 - a 122ccm two stroker with 5,2 hp from new - which was for sale for dkr.5000,- (arround $900), still with the original '54 plate on it! But it was more than 400 kilometers away, so I planed to stop by a couple of friends in that end of denmark, spending a weekend picking it up.
Saturday we picked it up, unable to take it for more than a 150 meters testdrive, before it stalled. Back at my friends, we adjusted the ignition, and I drove it the most of that winter, after replacing the irritating "not high enough to be cool, not low enough to be comfortable, just NOT" handlebar with a home bended, Harley-style one, 118cm wide.
A couple of weeks after we've picked it up, I found another one near by, a rt125/2E (don't know, if the E stands for something special), which was complete, but rusty and without registration papers, but good enough for spare parts (or maybe a race bike project?).
I'd been driving it for roughly five month, when the rear brake backing plate broke, so I didn't get to drive it much the first summer, due to no rear brake. In the 2010/2011 winter I found an electric ignition ( and since I've installed that, it has been running a lot in the streets of Copenhagen!

I just fited the full rear fender from the spare part bike and a Ford Model A tail light. I know, most bikers doesn't think full fendered bikes are cool, but driving it all year also means driving it in the rainy fall, and with that chopped rear fender I arrive with a wet behind, the so called "Bikers Butt"! And a full fender takes care of that.
Next plan is to give it some new paint. And I think, the planned paint scheme might help getting rid of some of the full fendered look.
Uploaded some videos of it, when I just had gotten it home:

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10.01 | 17:20

Um otimo projeto

27.12 | 22:29

Hallo Again i found the oilpan for the engine i do have a extra crank any blocks around?
Kind regards!

31.01 | 00:54

Hey Dannerr, It was justy a passing thought about the HC head, I will prpbably leave it as it is , I only use it around here, I dont go on any tours. Thanks ...

30.01 | 09:05

Functionwise the B-carb on the G28T should work fine, but you'll be able to get more power out of it, if opted to other carbs. :)

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