B.U.C.K. 2010 Plastic Butchers Cadillac challenge

The finished car

The black plastic is from the Cadillac, it is the front seat cut down to sice and the center of the rear seat to keep the speaker in the middle of the new seat.

Cadillac dashboard cut down and modified to fit.

Top of new dashboard aligned to match the top of the body.

Mock-up of the Cadillac rear fender, flipped over and shortened.

Mock-up of the Cadillac rear fender, flipped over and shortened.

First headlight cut down.

Rear fender, the modified interior and first headlight

Mock up of both headlights.

Mock up of both headlights.

At the Swedish model exhibition B.U.C.K., our model builder club Plastic Butchers gets a separate table to exhibit our club challenge. At the 2010 edition, which also was the 20th time B.U.C.K. was held, the challenge was to build a model, based on the ELK '58 Cadillac. Here is my contribution to the contest, a mix of the Cadillac and a '32 Ford V8 convertible, calledthePsykobilly Cad.

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10.01 | 17:20

Um otimo projeto

27.12 | 22:29

Hallo Again i found the oilpan for the engine i do have a extra crank any blocks around?
Kind regards!

31.01 | 00:54

Hey Dannerr, It was justy a passing thought about the HC head, I will prpbably leave it as it is , I only use it around here, I dont go on any tours. Thanks ...

30.01 | 09:05

Functionwise the B-carb on the G28T should work fine, but you'll be able to get more power out of it, if opted to other carbs. :)

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